Smartocto Insights API: Basics | Access | Request

Basic use considers issuing HTTP GET request to an API endpoint. The return data is in JSON format.
All communication with API is done exclusively over HTTPS protocol.
Root URL for all API requests is

To access API you need to have an account in Content Insights platform. Each user is granted one API key that doesn’t expire and is valid for all domains that the user has access to. This API key needs to be sent with each request.
You can find your API key by going in the application and clicking on your image in top right corner menu (your initials/photo) and selecting Edit account. API Key will be in the middle of the page.

The following parameters are required with every request:

  • domainid
    Unique id for your domain. You can find it in the application settings.
  • api_key
    Your unique user API key.

Each endpoint has its own set of required fields. Some endpoints have "conditionally required" fields. For example, articledetails endpoint can take canonical URL or article ID to identify the article. One of these fields needs to be provided. Omitting both fields is still considered as a valid request, but the result will be empty.

Use API explorer to find specifics of each endpoint.