Filters - how to use them

Segmentation is a common feature in both content analytics and web analytics solutions. Segments let you isolate and analyze various subsets of data according to set criteria and filters. This way, you can make more sense of the data that’s available to you.

At smartocto Insights, we created unique segmentation that offers great value to publishers.

Don’t just switch views, change your perspective. Thanks to segmentation in Insights, it’s possible to easily switch views and discover new, actionable insights which would otherwise stay hidden.

In contrast to other analytics solutions out there, we don’t just offer you filters so that you can dig through the data more easily. We offer real information that can possibly change the course of your strategy.

The reason why our segmentation capability is unique lies in the fact we recalculate the CPI values incredibly fast for each segment you create.

You can segment your traffic in the following ways:

  • Reader Type: Subscribed / Anonymous / Registered
  • Article Type: Free / Premium / Preview
  • Channel: AMP / FIA / Native Mobile
  • Referrer Type
  • Referrer
  • Device Type

The filter is located just next to the calendar. Once applied filter/s will be saved for all Insights pages (Authors, Website, Sections, Topics, Articles, Longtail, Referrers).

New App Filters

See it in action

In this short video, you will see how to add two filters (Reader type: Registered and Referrer type: Social). 

(for a better preview you can open the video in a separate window)

Filter RegSocial


You can not send a link with the saved filter to other users from your newsroom because filters are saved on the user level.