How do I introduce smartocto Insights to my colleagues?

Change management can be a bit of a challenge. Here's how you can help each and every team member of your media organization to understand the value of content analytics.

It can be fairly difficult to explain the value of content analytics to your management or team members. People can be resistant or afraid of change, especially when it comes to adopting new tools and implementing an analytics solution to their workflow. This is true, regardless of how mild the learning curve is or the actual benefits they'll get.

Most publishers are aware they need to evolve in order to survive in the market, especially in the digital era. But many still see content intelligence tools as something that is nice to have, not something that's necessary for their organization to function. 

We'll guide you and support you in the adoption phase

At smartocto Insights, we were very careful to create a content analytics solution that won’t disrupt your usual workflow or make the adoption phase too painful. In fact, our solution is here to help you make the most of your everyday content operations: think of it as your data-empowered strategic partner.

Our company's Customer Success team is here to support you each step of the way.

We are at your disposal and dedicated to helping you to get the most value out of your data. We are always able to schedule a call to explain our analytics' features or send you materials that will help your management and team members understand the tangible value our content intelligence can bring to your organization.

It goes further than that too: we want to hear more about your struggles as a publisher so that we can figure out how we can help out without content analytics. 

The whole point of using content analytics is to measure progress and adjust your strategy based on real data, not just on your assumptions. This way, you will be able to create better content that your audience will be pleased with and - importantly – will earn your company more money.

Can your organization work without content analytics?

Your organization can work without using content analytics; the question is - how well can it function without seamless access to actionable data, especially in this data-focused world?

Without a sufficient content intelligence tool, the burning questions will remain unanswered:

  • What are the potential monetization opportunities you miss because you don’t have access to the right data?
  • Are you currently successful because of the lucky set of circumstances, or something else?
  • Every piece of content you produce has to have a goal, so how do you know if you've reached it without data and measurement?
  • You produce content for your readers, but how do you know if you’re doing a good job without their feedback?
  • How do you know if there are ways to improve your output?
  • If you’re an author, how can you be sure you're developing professionally and progressing if there are no insights or guidance about the way your content performs?

Let’s use a simple analogy: imagine you’re on a fitness journey, trying to lose weight and become healthier. As you know, each body is unique and responds differently to diet changes and workout regimes. You may choose to start a popular training plan and improve your nutrition by decreasing sugar intake, for instance.

But unless you measure yourself consistently, you won’t be able to control your progress or make necessary changes to your routine in order to achieve your goals. You won’t have enough tangible data to see if you’re losing fat fast enough or know if you should pivot to a better program, which is more suitable for you.

Is it possible to lose weight regardless? Yes. Is it better to measure progress? Definitely.