How to configure the business model in the Content Insights app

Learn how to configure the business model in the app so that you have access to the right type of data that supports your revenue growth.

The CPI algorithm relies on ratios that are tailored to your specific publication. This means that, by relying on metrics available in Content Insights – you can grow steadily and healthily. You have the ability to define what success means for you.

CPI’s baseline value is formed based on your current success, but it adjusts as you become better, supporting your progress in the best possible way.

The overall CPI is a combination of three behavioral CPIs that are built to detect which content is driving the specific behavior of the visitor.

Three behaviors that are tracked are:

  • Exposure
  • Engagement
  • Loyalty

Each behavior CPI participates in the overall CPI equally by default, but this can be changed per domain, based on your business goals.  

Although not exclusively, Exposure CPI is compatible with business models that include ads, Engagement CPI is very important for native advertising and subscriptions, while Loyalty CPI matters for publishers operating on subscriptions and memberships.

Configuring the business model in the app

In order to configure your business model, you have to be the Domain owner or editor for the specific domain.

It's easy to do so: simply select your initials or photo (top right corner) choose: Administrator > Account Management > Websites > Click your website > Configure business model and click save.

By moving one of the behaviors to the right or to the left, you will increase/decrease the importance of that specific CPI behavior. It will influence only the overall CPI and the changes you make are in effect immediately. 

By clicking the "Reset sliders" button, you will put the sliders in the default position where all three behaviors are equally important.