How to Install Tentacles

This is a short guide on how to install Tentacles on your Google Chrome Browser.

NOTE: If you are using another browser scroll down below step 6.


If you are using Google Chrome:

1. Go to this link to add Tentacles extension

2. Go to your website

3. While on your website go to the top right corner and click on the puzzle icon to access your extensions. 

4. Click on the Smartocto icon to access tentacles, you can also click on the pin icon to make it always visible in the top right corner for easier access.



5. By clicking on the octopus icon, it will open a window in the right corner, enter your username and password



6. If Tentacles didn't automatically start, it will be hidden behind the switch icon in the lower right corner, click on it to access it and you are ready to use it!



If you are using other browsers than Chrome:

For other browsers, you need to create a "bookmarklet"


1. Open your browser and add any bookmark

2. Right-click that bookmark and click Edit

3. In the Name field put Smartocto Tentacles

4. In the URL field add the following code:

javascript:(function()%7Bjavascript%3A var on%3DlocalStorage.getItem('tentaclesEnabled')%7C%7C'f'%3BlocalStorage.setItem('tentaclesEnabled'%2Con%3D%3D%3D'f'%3F't'%3A'f')%3Bwindow.location.reload()%7D)()

5. Save the bookmark.


6. Go to your news site

7. Click on the bookmark, your site will reload

8. In the lower right corner there will be a round switch icon, click on it (like in step 6 above)

9. Login into Tentacles and you are good to go!