Metrics: Article Reads | Social Actions | Read Depth | Page Depth | Attention Time

All the important Smartocto Insights metrics in one place.

Article Reads

Article Reads is a metric that counts the number of times a real person opened an article, spent at least 10 seconds on it, and actually started consuming the content.

Unlike Pageviews, which is a metric that can only measure browser events, Article Reads is a metric that takes into consideration tab-in focus and human interaction with the page (e.g. mouse-clicking, scrolling, etc.)

Social Actions

Social Actions represent the combined number of key social actions across major social network platforms. Data is collected from the available public APIs of the networks.

Read Depth

Read Depth is a metric that reveals how deeply a visitor has got into reading a piece of content. It takes into consideration true attention time, length of the text, scroll-depth, and the average time it takes for a reader to consume the content. It analyzes only the article main content on the page, disregarding all other elements.

  • An article contains 450 words
  • Average read speed 300 words per minute
  • Time needed to read the entire article is 90 seconds ([450/300] *60 seconds)
  • Measured Attention time is 120 seconds.
  • The maximum measured scroll position is 25%
  • The shown read depth in smartocto is 25%

Example explanation

For a text of 450 words - where you can read on average 300 words per minute - the visitor needs 90 seconds of accumulated attention time to say that it read 100%. Given the metrics from the example - and looking from the attention time point of view - it is determined you spent more time than needed (120 seconds instead of the needed 90 seconds). So based on attention time the visitor read the whole text.

However since the maximum scroll position that was measured with the tracker was just 25%, that percentage is selected as read depth percentage. This percentage is shown because - although attention time spent was enough - the visitor never actually scrolled below that % of the article, meaning the visitor did not see the rest of the article.

Page Depth

Page Depth calculates the average number of articles that are visited during readers' reading session. Meaning, how many articles are opened once the reader comes to your website.

Attention Time

Attention Time calculates the time a user actually spends on the page reading the content. This is what we in the industry often refer to as "engaged time". It doesn't count 'idle time' - i.e. those seven minutes you left to make a cup of coffee and left the browser window open.
In smartocto Insights, you have Average Attention Time expressed in minutes and seconds, and Total Attention Time expressed in hours. 


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