Setting up the code FAQ

Where do we store our tracking code? How does the CI’s tracking code affect page load times? How to test the CI's code on your staging/test server first?

Where is the tracking code stored?

Our tracker code (the actual JavaScript) is served through the CDN so the closest location to the visitor will be used.

How does the Content Insights’ tracking code influence page load times?

Content Insights’ tracking code is loaded asynchronously, meaning it does not affect normal page loading in any way, nor any third party scripts, asynchronous or not, that may be on the page. Our JS is outside of the normal queue of the page load (documents, images, styles, your own scripts…) and outside the loading queue of any other third-party scripts. It cannot block anything. Shortly put, the loading speed of the page and other third-party scripts are not affected.

Can I test implementation on staging server?

Yes. Setup depends on your staging server configuration, so please contact us and we will arrange everything. 

To actual test how tracking code is working, please check out the testing guide.