Understand Accounts, Organisations, and Websites

Firstly, let's briefly explain the new levels of structure available to administrators:

  • Account - represents a publisher
  • Organization - a group of websites
  • Website

org-chart (1)

On the Account level, you as the Account admin can: add/remove/change organizations, add/remove websites, add/remove/change all users, add/remove account admin or organization admin, enable/disable modules.

On the Organization level, you as the Organization admin can: assign websites to the organization, add/change roles, add new users with specific roles, assign a user to specific websites and select user's role for each of them, edit/change a user and its permissions.

On the Website level, you as an editor with User management and Settings permission can: invite a new user and select user's role for the current website.

Insights 2019-07-10 16-10-14 copy The account is the top of the structure. One account can have as many organizations as you want, and so, each organization can have as many websites you want. 






Important: one website can be a part of only one organization.

Only account administrators can access Account Management. It's available under the Administrator section of your profile menu.