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Understanding CPI Behaviors: Exposure, Engagement, and Loyalty

Read more about three different CPI Behaviors to better understand the specific value they provide to your publication.

Exposure CPI

Exposure CPI values volume. It expresses how good your articles are at attracting wider audiences, and which articles are more effective at bringing new audiences to your website.

Exposure CPI is often favored by publishers who operate on an advertising business model.


Engagement CPI

Engagement CPI helps you to understand which content is resonating well with your audience, and which generates the most interest from your readers. It measures how efficient articles are at influencing readers to stay engaged with the content, both within the article, but also more broadly across the domain.

We do this by measuring attentive reading and the reader journey within the site or domain. Engagement CPI has nothing to do with social engagement and social actions (which belong to Exposure CPI).

Engagement CPI is ideal for discovering native advertising opportunities and measuring your success in that department.


Loyalty CPI

Loyalty CPI measures how good your content is at attracting highly-engaged, returning readers. This behavioral model looks at the way published articles are contributing to the overall loyalty of your reader base on the website.

And, while it's important to note that loyalty does not equal conversions, publishers who have adopted a business model reliant on reader-revenue and subscriptions mainly focus on this behavioral model because they can see there is a clear correlation between the two.