What are Behavior Badges and what's their purpose?

Everything you need to know about the Behavior Badges is found in the Smartoct Insights app.

To make it easier for you to pinpoint both outstanding and poor performance of authors, sections, topics, and articles, we created Behavior Badges.

Behavior Badges are created in accordance with three behavior models:

  • Loyalty (badge marked with LOY)
  • Engagement (badge marked with ENG)
  • Exposure (badge marked with EXP)

An author, section, or topic needs to be qualified to be considered for a badge. Green badges indicate outstanding performance, while red badges indicate poor performance.

Author badges

For an author to earn a badge, they must have had at least 3 articles published in the last 15 days. If you're analyzing your performance over longer periods of time, then 5 published articles are needed. 

Section badges

For a section to earn a badge, it needs to have at least 5 published articles.

Topic badges

For a topic to earn a badge, it needs to have at least 3 published articles that cover it, regardless of the selected period of time. The badge will only be assigned to the author/section/topic which qualifies for it. 

Understanding how badges are assigned

When an article has a CPI value below 100, it is a sign that the article's performance is poor and unsatisfactory.

Such underperforming articles are assigned with red badges. This makes it easy for you to see which content isn't resonating well with your audience. A red badge will appear if that article performs worse than other articles written by the same author or found within an observed section/covering the observed topic.

On the other hand, when an article has a CPI above 900, it means that it is performing exceptionally. Articles that demonstrate outstanding performance are awarded a green badge.

Simply select the time period you want and switch between different perspectives (authors/sections/topics) to discover valuable insights you can then act on. Get to know your audience, identify your content success patterns, and replicate them in the future.

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