What are Longtail, Reborn and Everlasting articles?

Understand what we mean by longtail content and how Smartocto Insights recognizes two different types of longtail articles.

What is Longtail?

Content is considered as Longtail if it generates traffic and social actions more than three days after publishing. It is separated into two different categories, Reborn and Everlasting.

Reborn Article

Reborn Article is an older article that has suddenly started receiving external traffic again. It can be an article that is associated with some seasons or some theme that is interesting again, for example, meal recipes in time of holidays or tips you need to know when changing to winter tires.

Everlasting Article

An Everlasting Article is an older article that constantly receives above-average traffic when compared to the other articles on the site published within the last 30 days.