What are Referrers and what type of Referrers exist in Smartocto Insights?

Explore different types of referrers available in the app.

There are 5 different types of traffic referrers that Content Insights recognizes

  • Internal (traffic that comes from within the site);
  • Direct* (traffic directly from the URL, that has no disclosed referrer);
  • Search (traffic that comes from the search engines);
  • Social (traffic that comes from major social networks);
  • Other (traffic that's not categorized in any of the above-mentioned sources);
  • New Referrer - is a new traffic source that generates a significant number of the article reads.


Direct Referrers

Direct Referrers is a traditional name for “no-referrer”, meaning that referrer information is missing from the request. Most email clients, for example, don't disclose referrers in requests. Some mobile apps don't include referrers, but some of them do (like the mobile Facebook application).