What can you do with the Reports?

Discover the type of reports available in smartocto Insights and see how they can be of great use to you and your organization.

With the Reports you can:

  • See the data which is truly relevant to you

    Regardless of your professional role (editor, section editor, EIC, social media manager, audience developer, member of the marketing team, etc.), it is now possible to get the data relevant to you, delivered directly to your inbox. This reduces data clutter and saves your time and energy, so you can freely devote your efforts where they matter the most.

  • Be on top of the situation

    We know that time is your most precious resource. With smartocto Insights, you can easily tailor data reports for more efficiency: since these reports are pretty straightforward, just one glance is enough to know where your attention is needed. Optimize the time spent over data; use insights to maximize your content performance.

  • Get everybody on board

    Easily share the data with your colleagues and get everybody on board - regardless of their professional background, personal preferences, or skill level. Use relevant data in meetings and ensure data-informed decision-making becomes a part of your newsroom culture.

Reports also enable you to:

  • create scheduled, recurring reports and get them delivered to your inbox (daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • create on-demand reports, for specific needs
  • allow your colleagues to access reports you created (via automatic notifications)
  • build your reports like you build Lego - mix and match data according to your needs
  • export reports in the PDF format and share them with other team members who are registered in the app (this can be done within just a few clicks, directly from the app)

This reporting system is available to all users with the access level "editor" and above.