What segmentation is possible in Real time

Smartocto Real time offers the ability to see segmented data in Real time. If you’re used to using Google Analytics with segmented data, you’ll notice our different approach:

  • The segments in Google Analytics are applied on all your data by building a list of properties of a segment, and pick some data out of the bunch.
  • In smartocto the segment-part in Smartocto Real time is built by storing pageviews with a segment label. Some labels can be derived from the traffic information like the device. Other information on event-level can be pushed to the smartocto system.

So to conclude: smartocto shows segmented and labeled data in Real time to be able to act on it. It is available on the story detail page to review the trend, and in Real time in the dashboards of smartocto Waves, as you can see in the examples.

Example 1: newsletter types

A pageview takes place on the article https://yourdomain.org/article/123456/article-title-here.html via the newsletter. Since the client is using UTM-tags during processing of the views, the segment named Newsletter Types can be created. With that knowledge we can show generate the graph below:


Example 2: device type

This example illustrates how the device type can be used as a segment. If the real time datastream contains the device (mobile, tablet, desktop, other), those patterns can be shown in smartocto Real as a graph on the detailpage:


Example 3: define visitor type

The last example shows custom information offered by the client. The client defined the visitor type (newcomer, frequent flyer) and offered the information - aggregated - on pageview level. That resulted in the following graph:


And shown in smartocto Waves as columns:


Get started: send segmented information to smartocto

We often get the question if we can process the Google Analytics Segment-information, but unfortunately that is not possible since Google Analytics doesn't foresee in the ability to request your created segments from their system in real time.

In case you have the ability label data yourself - and you want to see it in Real time - consult your Client Success Manager to explore the options.