Why is there a difference in the total times a headline is served during an A/B test?

Smartocto Tentacles uses the Thompson algorithm to help you find the best-converting headline into link clicks to the content and/or loyalty (a visit of a minimum of 10 seconds on the page).

To do so, Tentacles sends more traffic to the options - after a while - which may be the best-converting headline. This change of exposure takes place a few minutes after the start of the test. At that point the leading option(s) will get more exposure, for two reasons:

1) To check the leading options if they are really the best headlines

2) To minimize loss and maximize profit, by showing the most probable converting headlines instead of headlines that are not likely to convert.

Options that do not convert, will be shown less during the test. This logic may lead to having some headlines with 0% clickthrough. Read more about it in this article.