Why do I see more stories in the quadrants model, than the selected amount?

When you work with the quadrants feature in smartocto Insights you will notice there could be more articles visualised in the quadrants together, then selected.

The reason is that each quadrants requests and select the amount of articles.

You select the amount '25' in the slider. The quadrants model will then request the same dataset as before, but now with a limit of 25 stories per quadrant. So it could result in 25 stories in Pure Win, but only 16 in Niche if not all conditions match. Which makes in total more than 25 stories.

The matching conditions for a quadrant depend on:

  • Exposure CPI
  • Engagement CPI
  • And Loyalty CPI

Switching from the view of Exposure vs Engagement, to Engagement vs Loyalty doesn't change the requested datasets. It justplots the requested data over again, but on different axes.