Why do I see stories from hidden sections in Insights?

In smartocto Insights you have the option to hide specific sections via the Sections-settings. The 'hide sections'-function is intended to no longer show sections in the Section overview, and also not to show them in the filter-options.

On other parts of the Insights-system - as the articles-overview - the content of those sections are still visible. So even when you're hiding a section, you'll still see the stories of those sections in the overview.

There are some ways to hide the content:
1) Record into Insights, but not see the section and stories when using/reporting
If you do want to have the -articles included in Insights and do not want to see them in Insights, you can do so with the filter options:
  • Go to the part of Insights you want to look at, for example Insights > Articles (https://insights.smartocto.com//insights/articles)
  • Open the filter options at the top
  • Select 'Does Not Equal'
  • Select 'By Section'
  • Search for the section(s) you want to exclude
  • Select the checkbox for the section(s) you want to exclude. Subsequently, the articles are no longer included.
This can of course also be done the other way around to only see the -articles.
2) Exclude articles in sections from entering Insights
If you do not want articles in specific sections entering Insights, please disable tracking of those articles in your website and app. That way the tracker will not send data that you don't want to see in statistics and reports. You are in control of this. On our side, we cannot block measurements from specific sections entering the system, because we process automatically what you supply.