WordPress plugin instructions

Please note that support for the WordPress plugin has been discontinued since it only includes the Insights tracking script.
We strongly recommended switching to GTM or a custom setup.

WordPress Plugin Installation

  1. Download Content Insights plugin for WordPress.
  2. Go to Plugins and click Add New button.
  3. Click Upload Plugin button, then Choose File, select our plugin file that you downloaded in Step 1.
  4. Go to Plugins in WordPress menu and activate the Content Insights plugin.
  5. Go toSettings in WordPress menu and click Content Insights item.
  6. Enter your Site ID (mandatory) and Maincontent parameter (optional).
  7. Click on Save Changes button to apply the settings.

If you need more info about the maincontent parameter please click here.


 Still have a question? Feel free to drop us an email: support@smartocto.com