How to filter on utm-parameters

UTM-(campaign)parameters are very useful to distinguish the traffic sources in case you want to define different sources in a group of sources. For example to define which newsletter delivered the traffic, instead of just knowing newsletters earned you some traffic. Filtering on campaign is one of the many filtering-options in Insights.

Filter on campaign in the Insights application

Campaign values can be used to filter the results in the application, and in the filtering options in the reports.

  1. Go to the part on which you want to filter the results (for example Insights > Articles).
  2. Select the filter-option On the top of the page.
  3. In the dropdown menu select By Campaign. After selecting three boxes appear:
    • Campaign (extracted from utm_campaign)
    • Source (extracted from utm_source)
    • Medium (extracted from utm_medium)
  4. Select - and combine - one or more values
  5. Apply the filter

Filtering on UTM-parameters is only available when using the traffic perspective.