Why does my teasers have two colored markers?

The a/b-testing tool smartocto Tentacles helps you discover the best headlines on your teasers. All elements (image, icons, texts, leads) of a teaser - with a link connected to it - are monitored about the position of the link and the performance. 

Since this is done on link-level it can happen that your teasers have multiple colored rounds and bullets, as seen in the example below:

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 14.11.36

In the example the image has its own link, and the text “Some headline for a story in a teaser” als has its own link. As smartocto Tentacles show an anchor (the colored circle) on each link, it will be shown on all parts.

There is also a link on the comments-icon, but since it has its own naming (code-wise), it can be excluded from showing the anchor and ranking.

If you want to exclude some elements from having a colored anchor, follow the implementation guide and contact our Support team.